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The world’s best selling lending solution at a price point to suit your needs. 

For three decades we’ve been helping our customers achieve their business goals by applying the latest technologies in creative ways. We understand that return on investment and fast time to market are crucial to every business decision, and that these are even more important in fast growing businesses and start-up operations. We know that balancing growth with cost can be extremely challenging and that’s why we have taken a number of steps to ensure that you can gain access to the world’s best-selling lending solution at a price point to suit your needs: 

Leveraging the power of cloud

By deploying FinnOne Neo in the cloud we have eliminated the costs of managing a data centre – including hardware and system operators

Preconfigured solution

By building best practice operations into the solution we have ensured that you can get up and running extremely quickly

Comprehensive functional coverage

By using FinnOne Neo we have ensured that you can rapidly deploy new products and services as your business needs evolve

FinnOne Neo Cloud has been designed to ensure that you can bring a market leading set of new products and services to market quickly, without requiring the huge, upfront investments typical of other solutions. With FinnOne Neo Cloud we offer a range of innovative pricing models designed to suit your needs, leverage economies of scale, and deliver lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

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